Monday, February 10, 2014

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I finally got my hands on it, it's a cult product in the beauty world.  Its marketed as an instant radiance booster and helps smooth out the skin, it delivers on both counts.  With the colder weather my skin has been feeling dull and I have been experiencing some dry patches which foundation or BB cream tend to stick to and emphasis its appearance.  This beauty flash balm is brilliant and gives radiance to your skin, I like to use it underneath my Dior BB cream to give a nice natural glowing base, this is my go to look.
It can also be used as a facial mask to boost radiance and smooth the skin surface.  A common mistake committed in application is massaging the product into skin like a moisturizer,  it is applied by smoothing a thin layer over skin and then following with your foundation.
One of its main ingredients is Bisabolol, this an essential oil extracted from German chamomile which has anti-inflammatory effect and soothing properties. It also contains Witch hazel which is another plant extract widely used for medicinal purposes, it is widely used in skincare and is a strong antioxidant.
Overall I think this product is well worth the hype.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Clarins Facial oils

Since I started getting into skincare one of the products I have enjoyed using most was facial oils and a clear standout for me so far was the Clarins facial oils.  The first one I used was the Lotus oil, I would apply it at night and wake the next day with glowing skin.  Sadly I finished the lotus oil about a month ago and found myself missing it so i thought I would venture further more into the clarins oil and try the Blue Orchid oil, specially now that my skin felt a bit drier with winter and if course I loved it too.  Although I was afraid it might be too heavy for my skin as I'm normal and can get oily around the T-Zone, so I steer clear of heavy/richer products.  I don't use it every night but instead every other night as I find its works the best for me.  When I was at the Clarins counter buying the Lotus oil the lady said that these oils were 6 months treatments to help solve the skin problem it is targeted at and re-balance the skin but many beauty bloggers have repurchased it and still love it! HELL I might repurchase the lotus oil in the summer because I loved it.  I preferred these oils over all the other facial oils (trilogy, Origins, Nuxe and Pai), not that the other oils were bad its just i was able to see more of a result.

The Clarins facial oils smell lovely, sink into the skin easily and are made from 100% pure plant extracts (so no nasty stuff!).
Clarins Face treatment Lotus oil - Oil/Combination Skin
Its purifies, refine the skin texture and tighten pores. It definitely helped reduce the oiliness of my skin over the summer and helped smooth out my skin texture.  Now in relation to pores Im not too sure cause my pores aren't that bad except a bit around my nose so I cant say much on that.

Clarins Face treatment Blue Orchid oil - Dehydrated Skin
Its supposed to help restore radiance and moisture to skin, it definitely delivered on those two counts.  Also it helps the scaring of spots heal faster and overall your skin looks happy and will thank you in the morning.

So enough with my ranting and overall if you were thinking about purchasing these oil then do! definitely worth the investment.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Skincare I am currently loving #1

Hi (awkward greeting!), this is my first ever post and I thought what better way to start off than with skincare (extremely obsessed with it, no really!!!).  I started getting into skincare about a year ago after suffering from a bad breakout and frankly I was fed up with my skin, it was also effecting my confidence.  I started getting into watching you tube videos and reading beauty blogs to help me find products to help calm my skin and finally I'm at a point were I can say I'm happy with my skin.  Also I'm not a big fan of slapping on heavy foundations and concealers to hide my angry skin as it can make things worse.  Just to set the record clear Im no expert in any way I just thought I would share my thoughts and what works for me.

So enough with the gibber gabber (not sure if I spelt that right but I will put in an attempted!) and lets move on to the skincare products.  A step a lot of people skip is applying toner but I find a good hydrating toner can make a world of difference, this step I learned from Caroline Hirons's blog (which you should check out if you love skincare, her advice is always helpful and BRILLIANT).  I tried a number of toners but none impressed me and were harsh on skin but I found the clarins toner above to be gentle and hydrating and its smells of chamomile (childhood throwback!).  As you can see it is well loved and I already have a back up purchased.  Also don't ever buy toners containing alcohol (just no!), they are WAY to harsh, aren't good for your skin and will dry out your skin even more.

We all wake up (reluctantly that is!!) during the week with puffy eyes, I got a sample of the origins roll on not too long on and use it every morning, its really refreshing and help de-puff  (as the name suggests!) although I still apply an eye cream on top as I don't find it hydrating enough for under my eyes.  Moving onto creams, now that winter is here and its freezing my skin is more dry and needs a more richer cream I find the trilogy cream to be perfect for that but with this cream a little does go a long way! On days when my skin is not feeling to dry I use the Murad Essential-C day cream which a lovely light cream and also has an SPF of 30 which is an added bonus.  I know its only 4 products and a short post but baby steps :)